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ॐ"hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule."ॐ

divine souls being as one

great morning sex after a night of a great 30 high is bliss. but now I gotta headache and can’t get back to sleep.


Forreal. We’re getting paid tons less than other people to get looked down on and treated like trash & expected to give excellent service to assholes and work ridiculous hours giving up all my weekends, missing family functions, times w friends, etc, for people who literally do not give a single shit about you with a god damn smile on our miserable fuckin faces. And for what? Thank goodness I live with my mom, I could never begin to live on $150 a week. Everybody’s like go find another job. Yeah, just let me pick one off the mothafuckin job tree & move on.


I.don’t know if you’ve been paying attention but I think I’ve made it pretty clear i hate my job and am/have been actively looking for a new one. But not all of us can sit around & wait for a cushy job we love to fall in our laps. I won’t defend my need to live to you sooo take your passive aggressive comments with ya right out the door. Peaceee